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• Resume
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• Education & Work Experience


Visual Arts, Art Director and Owner, 1982 - Present: Murals, Airbrush,Trompe l'Oeil, Environments, Signs, Design, Illustration, Fine Arts.

  Marine World/Africa USA, Staff Artist, Set Designer, 1980-1983
  NASA, Ames Research Center, Illustrator, 1979-1980
  CETA, Cal State Art in Public Places, Mural Artist, 1977-1979
  Painting and Decorating Journeyman, 1974-1980
  Academy of Art, San Francisco, California, 1970-1973, Fine Arts.
  College of San Mateo, San Mateo, California, 1972-73, Printmaking, Natural Sciences.
  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California, 1972-1973, Mural Painting.
  Mills High School, Burlingame, California, 1970.

• Murals (partial list)

2008 Swan Mural & Bas Relief - Private Residence - Saratoga, CA
2007 Automotive Mural - Winery - Private Residence Section - Los Gatos, CA
  Fountain Mural - Private residence - Saratoga, CA
  Painted Fire Place - Private Residence, Pebble Beach , CA
  Powder Room Mural - Pivate Residence - Palo Alto, CA
2005 The Place Where We Live - 7' 9" x 12' interior. Acrylics on Birch Panels. Executed in 2004-2005. San Mateo County Government Center, Hall of Justice, Redwood City CA.
  The Vault - 352 # feet trompe l'oeil and interior design, Fremont Historical Building, Niles District, Fremont CA.
2004 Innovators in Education - 8' x20' interior. Acrylics. Arroyo high School, San Lorenzo CA.
2003 Spectral Shift - Acrylics on masonry. Exterior. 850 # feet, 52 colors. Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA.
  The Riviera - Interior murals in store. 8' x 20' and 20' x 16'. Villages de France, Byant Street, Palo Alto CA.
  Temple of Poseidon - Mural and design project. Private residence. Palo Alto CA.
  Foie Gras - Mural and design project. Private residence. San Jose CA.
2002 Bayou by the Bay - 8' x 36' interior. Acrylics on panels. PJ's Oyster Bed Restaurant. Irving Street. San Francisco, CA.
2000 Colli Umbri- Italianate exterior trompe l'oeil al fresco. Menlo Park, CA.
  Mermaids & Mermen - Acrylic Airbrush. Private Residence. San Carlos, CA.
  GTO - Acrylic and Pontiac parts with real headlights. Boys Bedroom. private Residence. Menlo Park, CA.
1999 Gardener and Boy under Tree - Wild Oats Market. Cupertino, CA.
  Historical Building of South San Francisco - Bronze Plaques. Playground by City Hall. South San Francisco, CA.
1998 The Happy Valley - Sequoia Hospital. Day Room. 45' x 18'. Redwood City, CA.
1997 Burmese Temple Environment, Nirvana Noodle House. Castro Street, San Francisco. CA.
1996 Prometheus Gives Fire to Man - CalTrain Station, Exterior, South San Francisco., CA. Acrylics & catalytic epoxy, 85’ x 17’. (Freeway underpass.)
  Voyage through the Planets - 30’ x 18’ ceiling interior. Cosmic Disc, Polk Street, San Francisco, CA. (destroyed)
1995 Cafe Brioche, Provençale Street environment with distressed advertising 750 sq. ft. interior. Palo Alto, CA.
  El Gato” - Lunette mural for architectural facade. 3’ x 5’ Acrylics. Riva San Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland.
Monastery of the Vine - 14’ x 40’ (trompe l’oeil acrylics). Rios-Lovell Winery, Livermore, CA.


Atlantis Horizons - 8’ x 5’ interior acrylics. Private residence, Burlingame, CA.
  Sky Full of Raptors - 14’ x 18’ interior ceiling, acrylics. Private residence, Burlingame, CA.
  Pompeiian Coffee Triptych - Lunettes 8’ x 5’ ea. Interior, Chestnut Street Coffee Roastery, San Francisco, CA.
  Bohemian Dining Room - Architectural Vignettes with Fantasy Finish, 750 sq. ft., acrylics and enamels. Private residence, Woodside, CA
1993 The Coffee Harvest - San Francisco Shopping Center at Halladie Plaza. 12'x7' varnished acrylics. San Francisco, CA.


The Rain Forest - A mural covering an entire house, 1079 Church Street, San Francisco. 20'x20' varnished acrylics. Award winning 'Most Unusual Mural in San Francisco.'
  Coq au Vin - Private Residence, San Francisco. CA. Interior wine cellar—fantasy finish with landscape. 250 sq. ft. Acrylics.
  Coffee Plantation - Coffee Roastery at San Francisco Shopping Centre/Nordstrom Mall, 865 Market Street. 3-D sculpted and painted urethane foam fiberglass and acrylics. 12'x8' and 4'x9'. San Francisco, CA.
  Grotto of Venus - The Bud Stop, Union Street, San Francisco. CA. Architectural Mural Vignette. 12' x 4'. Exterior Acrylics.
1991   The Rose and Crown Pub - Emerson Street, Palo Alto. CA. Architectural trompe l'oeil (exterior). 22'x45'. Acrylics.
Chateau Vista - Private Residence, Woodside. CA. Interior wet bar and wine cellar, architectural trompe l'oeil. 380 sq. ft. Marouflage. Acrylics.
  In the Pink - Locust Street, San Francisco. CA. Exterior. Fantasy Herb Garden Mural. 6'x24'. Acrylics.
1990 After the Deluge - Macedonia Baptist Church, Menlo Park. CA. Acrylics. 18'x26' (468 sq. ft.)
  Tennis Court - Atherton. CA. Exterior Acrylics. 8'x20'.
  Italian Fountain Grotto - Octavia Building, San Francisco. CA. Interior lobby. Acrylics. 6'x6'.
  Antigua - Exterior Store Front, Union Street Coffee Roastery. Acrylics. 385 sq. ft. San Francisco. CA.
1989 Capers Restaurant Exterior Trompe l'Oeil Mural. San Carlos. Acrylics, 1200 sq. ft.
1988 Storytime - If Wishes Were Horses Bookstore. Exterior Acrylics. 5'x8'. Palo Alto. CA.
  Atlantis- Tower Conservatory, Palo Alto. CA. Sealed Acrylics in indoor pool room. 8'x40'.
1987 Walking on Water and Roadmap to Heaven. Prigogine Discothek, Kassel, West Germany. Airbrush acrylics. 1200 sq. ft.
1986 Hunting Lodge - Eugene's Restaurant, Los Altos. CA. European motifs. Exterior, 60' x 22'. Hallway, 250 sq. ft.
1985 Enchanted Garden - Tower Conservatory, Palo Alto. CA. Rainforest mural in indoor pool room. Enamels. 1285 sq. ft.
1984 Dining in Tropical Setting - Hillsborough Designer Showcase, Hillsborough, CA. Mural centerpiece, 12'x8'. Upholstered walls and fabric design. Fabric pigments painted and airbrushed.



Windsurfing - Spinnaker Sailing, Redwood City. CA. Exterior acrylics, 44' x 20'. Destroyed.
  Grape Renaissance - Messina's Restaurant, San Carlos. CA. 40'x50'.


1979 - 1982 Murals at Marine World/Africa USA - Parrot Rainforest Amphitheater, Dolphin Show 'Wizard of the Sea' Castle, Tidepool Diorama (9'x45'), Animals of the World (kiosk with eight panels); Coral Garden Aquarium (20'x20'); Tropical Fish Habitat (fiberglass, gelcoat, lacquer); Parrot Aviary (65'x10', enamels); Dolphin Show 'Space Station and Spacescape'.)
1980 Casablanca - Pizzazzy on Fillmore, San Francisco. CA. 12'x15'.
1979 Beauty and the Buick - Old County Courthouse, Redwood City. CA. 10' diameter.
1978 Aztec Birds - with Mani Montoya. Hall of Justice, Redwood City. CA. 12'x100'.
1977 'Modular Color Murals' and office supergraphics. Dutch Boy Paints, West Coast Offices, Los Altos, CA.
1976 Giant American Flag, Bicentennial, A&D Tires, Burlingame, CA.28'x60'.
1972 Turtle Earth - Bolinas. CA. 16'x20'. San Francisco Art Institute Group Project. Bill Martin Instructor.

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