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• Prometheus Gives Fire to Man

A fascination with architecture led Nicolai to the world of mural painting, as a way to take his vision from the confines of a small canvas to an experience in large three dimensional scale to be seen by many. Murals elevate the consciousness of the urban viewer so often deprived of natural harmony in the visual world by cement structures and grey zones and provide a colorful architectural window into other esthetic realities.
Site prior to mural

Client: South San Francisco Cultural Arts Commission, CalTrain.

Location: South San Francisco train station under freeway overpass.

Specifics: 85 feet wide by 17 feet tall. Acrylics.

Team: Nicolai Larsen assisted for execution by Catalina Gonzales, Ron Loria, Rene Bastian, Kai Larsen and Kelly McCormick.

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