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Water Paper Stone

Ninth Avenue Gallery


Opening Reception: July 8th from 5-8 pm

180-1 E. 9th Avenue, Chico, CA 95926  •  530.318.2105
Show runs through August 12th  •  Hours: Tues - Sat - Noon to 5pm

WATER = Rivers, streams, lakes, clouds, glaciers, a vehicle for delivery of crushed stone

PAPER = Water and vegetable material mixed and crushed flat by stone

STONE = Building blocks of earth, can be crushed to reveal many colors

STONE, delivered by WATER, applied to PAPER makes a watercolor

In my watercolor landscapes, the flow of water, the play of light, atmospheres, and the formation of geological processes are primary influences. The paper I use is 300 lb. "Arches" made in France. The colors I use are often made from mineral pigments, crushed stones, then mixed with water and applied with brushes.

For your enjoyment..... Nicolai Larsen

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