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Painting - Chico Artist
Open Studio Art Tour
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 20-21 & 27-28

Stop by and see what we have been doing
see how and where we work, and view
original art & prints, fiber jewelry & DIY supplies.
We look forward to seeing you! - Nicolai & Marion

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Nicolai Larsen is an internationally commissioned painter and muralist by public, corporate and private clients. He is a well known Californian artist for his inventive visionary
painted imagery, fine art, trompe l'oeil, award-winning large scale mural art and
architectural painted environments.

Site Specific Projects... Mural Arts. Faux Finishes. Architectural Finishes. European Glazing
Faux Bois... Inventive and Fantasy Finishes. Moods through Color Application
Color Consultations and Expertise... Trompe L'Oeil. What is it?
Fine Arts. Post-Modern Surrealism. Modern Goddesses
European and California Landscapes
Visionary Arts

Located in the Chico, California USA. Established in 1982

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