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Chico Open Studios Art Tour

Gary Graham and Nicolai Larsen, two life long friends, both born in San Francisco, grew up during the Beat & Psychedelic eras and were swept away by cultural influences to begin careers in the visual arts that resonate to this day. Gary and Nicolai met in the early 1980’s in the surge of the Northern California Visionary Art Movement and both artists expanded their talents as mural painters, telling visual stories on a grand scale. Gary went on to teach at local colleges while sharing his expertise in art history and technical applications. Nicolai chose a path with graphic arts, commercial design all the while expanding his private art portfolio. Eventually they both gravitated towards the Sierra Foothills and wide-open spaces of Northern California.

Occasionally Gary and Nicolai display their work on the same stage, including at the Native Sons Gallery, a joint art gallery project they managed in the 1990’s together on the upper floor of the Cannery in San Francisco and more recently in 2021 at Visionary Art Legacy at the Chico Art Center in Chico, California. 

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